What makes us different

We focus on long-term relationships. We are privately-owned and run, and if you are in the travel or events industry, you will either know us, or have heard of us.

We invest in people – our employees and fellow workers stay with us, and grow with us.

We are a small company with just over 50 staff, and yet have offices around the world.

We own our titles and software. Some we have grown in-house, some we have acquired and then invested in.

We are involved in publishing, digital content, research, events and events software and websites.

What can we do for you?

Panacea has a global presence with offices in Asia and Europe and with joint-venture / partner offices in America, the Middle East and India.

These offices allow our staff to have an international sales presence and a global editorial view.

If you wish to reach frequent business travellers or those organising their travel or meetings, we can help.

We have also created custom content for commercial clients, and associated events and research.

We also develop events software and can provide you with a website or software to run your own event/s.

We hope this website has created interest in what we do. Please get in touch to learn more.

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