Panacea Publishing Traveller Insight Logo - Market Research in BusinessOur readers are knowledgeable, well-travelled, and frequently have strong opinions on both the products they use for their travels and the ones they do not. To find out more from them, and about us, you need some Traveller Insight

You want to know more….. we can help you find the answers.

Through the readers of our magazines and websites we are able to conduct bespoke research for clients who wish to explore the behaviour, attitudes, opinions and aspirations of both business and leisure travellers.

Research is carried out through our readers and panels and we are able to deliver both qualitative and quantitative insight.

In the past this has included formal market research surveys, focus groups, in depth interviews, ethnography and informal sessions.

Clients have been varied from non-travel to all sectors of the travel related spectrum from Hotels and Airports to Tourism Bodies and Travel Management Companies.

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